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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sidewalk Indecision at the Ninth Street Garage

A new game downtown is taking bets on how many times workers on the Ninth Street Garage will tear out and rebuild the sidewalks around the new parking garage. Today crews were seen repaving already-paved sections of the sidewalk on Locust Street along the north elevation. In recent weeks, the crews went through many changes on the Ninth Street side that involved installing a thin strip of granite since buried under a sheen of dust that renders it nearly invisible.

Needless to say, the sidewalks around the garage do not include street trees.


Anonymous said...

City workers or private workers? Just wondering.

Michael R. Allen said...

Private workers.

UrbanReviewSTL said...

LOL, the sidewalks also don't meet ADA requirements either. When they ever pick a final sidewalk layout I'm heading there with my digital level to get measurments on the excessive cross-slope.

Anonymous said...

Well if not even MoDOT can get it right the 2nd time on Lindbergh, what do you expect?