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Friday, October 2, 2009

Community Benefits

This video from last week's Tax Increment Finance Commission meeting on the NorthSide project comes from Douglas Duckworth. The best part is first, when Sheila Rendon, President of the Northside Community Benefits Alliance, speaks. Sheila delivers a list of reasonable, clear suggestions for improving the NorthSide redevelopment agreement.

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barbara_on_19th said...

Sheila was wonderful. The last speaker is my neighbor Anne who lives on a block with several McKee vacancies, all of which were occupied when he bought them. Three of those buildings are the oldest frame buildings in Old North, from the old Clay farm "at the Natural Bridge over Branch Creek". She and her roommates are maintaining the historic buildings, including roofing repairs, siding, restoring windows, etc. They have also created an amazing community garden "Knapp Street Commons" on 3 lots with fruit trees, grape arbor, okra and chickens. The whole block has been living on the produce all summer. All this and she is a moving speaker too. I have the best neighbors :-)