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Monday, April 12, 2010

Historic Tax Credits at Work Near the Missouri Capitol

This is how the building at 105-7 East High Street in downtown Jefferson City looked in 2006.

Here's what it looked like on a recent visit. While mid-century slipcovers should not always be removed, here the half-covering was ugly and covered operable windows. Windows allow for light and ventilation and significantly reduce the energy usage of a building -- not to mention the spirits of the people who work or live inside. Underneath, the ornate cast iron lintels are intact. The facade will be restored gracing a block very near our state Capitol.

This project is utilizing Missouri's state historic rehabilitation tax credit, a national model that returns up to 25% of qualified rehabilitation costs back to an owner in transferable credits. This building was in sound condition before, but its street face was not becoming a location right by the seat of state government. Without the tax credit, the owner might have left well enough alone -- and visitors to our capital might have found this block a bit unbecoming.

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