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Friday, March 18, 2005

A day in the city.


There's now a construction fence and construction equipment surrounding the Arcade Building in downtown St. Louis. My teenage years were marked by countless trips to the Arcade and the City Hospital and hours spent pondering the significance of their abandonment. Now, I have turned my attention elsewhere as those who can direct financial attention to these buildings have come onto the scene.


Meanwhile, the recent demolition and de-densification efforts of Sigma-Aldrich along Broadway have destroyed the sidewalk along the east side of Broadway between Cherokee and Potomac. In place of the sidewalk isn't just dirt, but rather large gravel (not even driveway grade) that causes one to stumble frequently. Should I mention that there's a bus stop at the head of Cherokee on this side of the street, and that lots of Sigma-Aldrich employees might take the bus from that stop to get to and from work?

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