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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bad Piers

From the minutes of the October 4 meeting of the Missouri Development Finance Board:

"Mr. Miserez asked Ms. Kathleen Barney to give a project status update on the Ninth Street Garage construction issues. Ms. Barney reported there were deficiencies in many of the piers poured and that with a total of 56 piers, 16 of the poured 37 piers were discovered to be substandard. The Office of Administration monitors the construction for MDFB and is considering that all the piers are bad. The developers of the project have hired experts to evaluate the piers, which has caused a delay to the project. Ms. Barney reported that the problem is the developer's responsibility and there will be no additional costs to MDFB."

We reported the news about the concrete pouring on August 16.

(Thanks to Arch City Chronicle for the link.)

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