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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Brunettin's Legacy

Local artist Lyndsey Scott has of late been painting in a certain gallery window on 10th Street downtown. I am glad to see that local legacy of Alan Brunettin lives on, at least for a little while longer. (Brunettin himself can be found in some Illinois city on Lake Michigan, albeit without storefront exposure.) If only some wealthy urbanist would bankroll anyone who wanted to stand in a downtown window and make art to delight the occasional observant passer-by...


Anonymous said...

That Lyndsey. Bless her heart for continuing the tradition. And I'll wager she looks better doing it than I.

Meanwhile, this small town of 70,000 on Lake Michigan has its own share of vacant storefronts. If any high-roller down in that big metropolis of St. Louis would like to subsidize ME I would gladly take the funds and continue the rich tradition of painting in a storefront window.

I'm just sayin'...


Anonymous said...

Mostly I feel like a curious & mostly lazy monkey, being watched and watching -- focus is difficult when the question of how to interact with creativity to integrate instead of demonstrate is Riding My Brain hard. But I like downtown as a front porch traffic, it's new to me -- how the dynamic is duly changed by whatever influx of conventioneers is coming through. Now it's 17,000 ladies with Swiss skincare samples walking through a wake of fresh walnut sawdust from Wes powersanding a new beehive sculpture on the sidewalk.

Storefront sponsorship for permanent
open studio experiment, Amen That. How to translate gallery space into an interactive window on work/play/ worlds-collide? My favorite day so far was chalk drawing sisyphus' mountain, up and down it, from here to the venus envy show at the stl center ghosttown mall (and having to obtain permission midway from the exec sec at the radisson?! Jobs/authority/attachment/logic.....)