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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mullanphy Benefit Concert Successful

The Bearded Babies play at last night's show. Photo by Sean Thomas.

Last night's benefit concert at the Tin Ceiling for the stabilization of the Mullanphy Emigrant Home raised $1,900. Coupled with the news last week that the St. Patrick's Day Committee is donating $3,000 to the Historic Mullanphy Alliance and that reconstruction of the foundation under the south wall will start next week, and there is serious momentum afoot.

Music by the Bearded Babies, the Monads and the Red-Headed Strangers began at 8:00 p.m. and kept people dancing, singing and smiling until well after midnight. The concert was the work of Lindsey Derrington (one of my colleagues at Landmarks Association), brothers Jeff and Randy Vines of STL Style renown, Andrew Weil (another colleague) and others. The Historic Mullanphy Alliance's co-chairs, John Burse and Claire Nowak-Boyd, deserve credit for keeping the effort alive amid countless other neighborhood tasks in Old North and the demands of private life.