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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One-Armed Bandit

I was taken aback by a developer's decision to rename the Chemical Building in downtown St. Louis to "Alexa", but I am completely floored by the latest move: a change of the building's address to 777 Olive Street from its legal address of 721 Olive Street. That's plain fiction.

Furthermore, an Urban St. Louis moderator changed the title of the thread on the project to reflect the supposed new address. Bah.


Anonymous said...

It's an address change. How important is that? Or even a name change. Who cares? The buyer's of the units? Doubt it.

Doesn't a developer have the prerogative to make such decisions about his/her project?

Hey, let's be thankful we have projects to be named and new units to be marketed.

Anonymous said...

Probably named it after his favorite stripper. Marketing is one of the most subversively and isidiously evil perversions of human thought. A scourge on rationality and logic.

Anonymous said...

Actually it seizes on logic, and human nature. Quite. We are a capitalistic society. Creating strategic ways to build capital is quite logical.

Matt Fernandez said...

I hope it's not named after his favorite stripper, because it is named after his daughter. I quite like the Chemical Building as a name, and it is a connection to the buildings past ownership. Unfortunately, that is a decision of the developer.

I didn't make the change on UrbanSTL, but that is accurate, so I won't be changing it.

Anonymous said...

We should just be happy they didn't go for something like 'One Alexa Avenue'