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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Eleven Most Endangered Places Report Online

Landmarks Association of St. Louis has published its year-end report on the city's Eleven Most Endangered Places. Read it here.


Chris said...

I read at the site that Blue Shutters Development is rebuilding the Turnverein. This is very exciting! Will it just restore the gym in back, or completely recreate the entire building? Can you tell us more?

Anonymous said...

If the Royse-Noero houses can be listed on Landmarks' list, then why not San Luis apartments?

Doug Duckworth said...

It would be great if Carr School would receive state funds for rehab, besides historic tax credits as it is on the register, since Rodney Hubbard's father is the head of the Carr Square Tennants' Association. It would be a great act if Rodney could secure funds for the building. I can't even begin to assess how much it would need for rehab as internally the building is in bad shape, but I am sure that demolition costs would be astronomical. The roof is also not looking good. I wouldn't recommend explorers go on top, although it boasts impressive views.

In any event it is a public safety hazard as there are children playing nearby. Yet the building would be a great asset if rehabbed much more so than a vacant lot.

Ferguson turned their train station into a museum and ice cream stop. It seems suited for something like that. Maybe a drive in? Although that would be a very ironic reuse indeed!

The Missouri Synod is extremely conservative and probably sees little reason to rehab a church in North St. Louis. Yet they definately have the capital to do so.

Anonymous said...

The year-end list looks a lot like the one you published last summer.

Anonymous said...

The year-end list looks a lot like the one you published last summer.

that is the point dude(s)