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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mullanphy Emigrant Home Stabilization Work Making Progress

The photograph above shows the state of the Mullanphy Emigrant Home today. Workers resumed masonry work yesterday and today will likely have the roof resting on a solid east supporting wall for the first time since last April.

After the south and east walls are laid in block, workers from John Smith Masonry will move to the building's north end, where another collapsed wall section remains. After that work is finished, further work -- including laying face brick and replicating limestone ornament -- will come either through a development plan or further donations.

The Old North St. Louis Restoration Group still needs donations to cover expenses related to the stabilization project. While the masons have kindly donated labor and materials, the Restoration Group continues to pay builder's risk insurance on what has been a lengthy (and risky) wall rebuilding project. Please visit SaveMullanphy.org for information on making a donation.


Doug Duckworth said...

Biggest lost cause?

Anonymous said...

Please make sure that if they are underpinning the existing footings, they don't remove too much soil from beneath at one time.

Anonymous said...

Money is what's needed. The ONSLRG is a nonprofit, and they're trying to save this building without busting their financial reserves. That takes cash donations.

If you have money, or the means to raise money, a rich uncle looking for a worth cause, or a kid's piggy bank you can raid, it's time to put money to this effort.

Especially if you're an advocate for historic preservation.

Brian said...

What a beautiful sight!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pitch for contributions, anonymous. ONSLRG has been able to get this far through the generosity of many individuals -- and because our Board has been willing to pay for some work out of ONSLRG's general revenue and take on debt that has to be re-paid at some point, so additional funds would be greatly appreciated!
Some of the funds raised so far went to pay for a whole new foundation at the south end of the building -and the cost of paying for good direction from structural engineers. So rest assured, John W., the footings are in good condition. Thanks for your concern.