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Thursday, October 16, 2008

St. Louis Building Arts Foundation Robbed

Writing in The Platform blog over at the Post-Dispatch, Eddie Roth breaks the terrible news that thieves stole over 1,500 pounds of historic bronze and brass hardware from the St. Louis Building Arts Foundation this week. The article includes some photographs of stolen items.

Please help return these important items to their rightful home, for the public benefit of all and not the private benefit of thieves and dealers. While the thieves make the initial profit, we all know that some dealers make a lot more by fencing stolen property. Keep your eyes open.


Unknown said...

I have had nearly ten thousand dollars in property damage in 2008 thanks to metal theives. Now they're stealing historic artifacts?! This is absolutely outrageous and must cease! Law enforcement, wake up and do something PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

The detectives of the city's brick theft task force also investigate metal theft. In a recent meeting with St Louis Place - Neighbors for Social Justice, the detectives told us that the metal buyers on North Broadway -- Cash's, Grossman, etc, totally flout the law that requires them to keep specific documentation of each time they buy from a scrapper. The law requires they make the docs available to the police on request. The detectives said it is a farce -- they just stuff random papers into boxes and tell the cops to feel free to look. The city-county divide makes this worse, as Cash's and the rest have their dirty intake businesses down on N Broadway, but manage their businesses from afar and export the profit out to the county. People complain about the metal thieves, and I agree, they suck,, but the only thing that will work is cutting off demand. This means ***enforce the law*** on these illegal "fences" masquerading as proper businesses down on N Broadway. Personally, whenever I see a Cash's or Grossman truck, I at least flip 'em the bird.