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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Records Left at Arlington School

A fascinating report on KTVI news covers the discovery of children psychiatric records found inside of a portable classroom at the abandoned Arlington School at 1617 Burd Avenue in Wells-Goodfellow. I have been all over inside of the historic building for documentation work, but never inside of the classrooms built in 1961. However, I have been inside enough abandoned buildings to know that the abandonment of private employee and medical records is far too common.

The story also hits on the upcoming renovation of Arlington, quoting Alderman Jeffrey Boyd (D-22nd) saying: "For some people, it is an eyesore. I see it as an opportunity."

Good attitude.


samizdat said...

"For some people, it is an eyesore. I see it as an opportunity." This is a St. Louis City alderman from the northside? I'm looking under his bed for the pod. Then again, he was speaking for the camera. *Slaps hand* Damn you, cynicism, damn you to hell! Who knows, perhaps he'd like to be seen as an asset to the community--like the school--rather than a liability.

GMichaud said...

Alderman Boyd is on top of things, from my knowledge of him he does in fact understand the potential of turning Arlington School into an asset. You are selling him short. In fact he probably has as good a handle on what makes up an urban environment as anyone in City Hall.