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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Before you even get a chance to catch your breath: The likely demolition of Detroit's Statler Hotel

What's happening with the Century is by no means an isolated incident.

In downtown Detroit, the stately and finely designed Statler Hotel, which dates from 1915, is probably about to be demolished. Its most likely replacement is--say it with me now--a parking lot. People cite civic improvement, especially in the name of improved image and improved parking for the upcoming 2006 Superbowl. Apparently, having a few more parking spots and one less abandoned building in a city known for abandonment during one lousy, one-day one-time football game is more important than the PERMANENT loss of history and architectural beauty. That ain't comin' back folks. That hole in the ground is forever.

Read more about it and sign the petition at Save the Statler.

The Statler Hotel page at Forgotten Detroit has an excellent history of the Statler, along with comprehensive photos.

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