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Monday, December 6, 2004

List of pre-2003 vacant Saint Louis Public Schools properties

Although this list dates from prior to the 2003 and 2004 rounds of school closings, it is a great source of basic information about all of the vacant property owned by the St. Louis Public Schools:

Facilities for discussion

Since television station KMOV published this list, the Roberts Brothers Company began renovating Enright School and a health center purchased the former Hamilton Branch buildings.

The page is linked to pages that list the occupancy rates for the district's then-open schools. Some of those schools have closed an consolidated, but the schools with over 100% occupancy have seen little changes to alleviate their overcrowding. The current School Board majority seems too bent on depleting the district of resources -- through such stellar acts as selling one of the most sucessful schools, Waring, to St. Louis University for its basketball arena site -- to notice that conditions in schools aren't improving.

In 2005, St. Louis needs to elect real reformers to the Board of Education. If the Slay machine puts up another Great Slate, the fight will be difficult but we must make sure that this city improves its schools. The city will die if it can't retain families, and the current School Board has failed our families.

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