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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Two Theaters That Closed in 1981

New to Ecology of Absence today are pages on two theaters on two different scales in two different cities that closed in the same year, 1981. Neither has reopened and both are deteriorating badly. Yet the future looks brighter than ever for both.

They are:

  • Chicago's Uptown Theatre

  • Saint Louis's Sun Theatre

    (For perspective on the timeframe of the vacancies, consider that I was born on December 31, 1980.)

    Urban Review - St. Louis said...

    Oh sure, bring up the fact you are only 23 at this time. Back when I was 23 the internet was just getting started - no personal digitial cameras, no personal web sites, and I think my modem was a 14.4! The holidays are depressing enough...

    Keep up the good work - those are great theatres!

    Urban Review - St. Louis said...

    I should have read the specifics on the Sun before I posted. Raze the building and reconstruct the facade next to the Powell? I don't get it? Why not just rebuild the Sun where it is AND construct a new building on Grand?

    Anonymous said...

    hey. it's your buddy liz in stl. just thought i might pass along some info that i don't think has been publicized yet. two of the catholic churches in south city that are being closed (for sure) are Mary Magdelan on Kingshighway and Holy Family on Oakhill and Humphrey. The director at HF just called my parents to let them know.

    Michael Allen said...

    I thought you knew that I was only 23. It's weird, considering how long I've been at this business (ten years).

    Michael Allen said...


    Thanks for the tips on those churches. It keeps getting worse, doesn't it? Those parishes are in stable southwest neighborhoods, too. The archdiocese must be trying to force all Catholics to move to St. Louis and St. Charles counties. My condolences to your family for losing their parish.