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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Seeking Blairmont

Just saw this post (copied below) on Craigslist. It's great to know that someone wants to save the James Clemens, Jr. House. It's distressing to know that Blairmont Associates LC is causing yet another annoyance to a rehabber; Blairmont owns many properties on the Near North Side of St. Louis and is notoriously hard to reach. No one can find out anything about Blairmont except that a man named Harry Noble supposedly owns the company -- but even that isn't verified. A search through the Missouri Secretary of State's corporation registry reveals that the "CT Corporation System" registered the name "Blairmont Associates LC" on behalf of an anonymous party or parties.

Many of Blairmont's properties seem to be vacant lots in Old North St. Louis, St. Louis Place and other neighborhoods, although the company recently purchased a vacant St. Louis Public Schools property at 2333 Benton.

Other people report needing to make agreements with Blairmont to repair shared utilities or utilities that run through Blairmonnt properties, and having difficulty finding a phone number.

If you know anything about Blairmont, please post a comment here and maybe we'll be able to help Lyra and others who are interested in contacting the company.

Contact info for Blairmont Associates LC?
Reply to: thegamestlouis@yahoo.com
Date: 2005-06-19, 1:58AM CDT

Do you know how I can get in touch with a company called "Blairmont Associates LC"? aka Blairmont Associates, Blairmont Associates Limited Company.

They buy and sell property in St. Louis, and they currently own (bought just this April) a house on Cass Avenue that I am *REALLY* interested in purchasing... the Clemens House. I have fallen in love with this abandoned house, and intend to restore it to it's old glory. The house's history is intriguing (Buddhists, nuns, insanity, and the title of "the Taj Mahal of St. Louis"), and the history of the family that built it in 1858 - James Clemens, Jr - is even better (James Clemens Jr was Mark Twain's uncle, and helped found the city's first electric company and first bank, among other things). The house itself is beautiful, but dying, and I want to help this city landmark return to it's golden days.

Problem is, Blairmont Associates LC's last address is on Olive Street, and they are no longer there. I have been unsuccessful in finding their current address, or their phone number; although I do know that they are under a corporation based in Clayton called "CT Corporation System."

If anyone out there has any info on the address, phone numbers, owners/officers of this company, or anything I might have missed, the information would so very appreciated! Please contact me (Lyra) at thegamestlouis@yahoo.com


Matt B. said...

Perhaps eminent domain proceedings are in order here?

Barbara said...

Blairmont has acquired nearly 1000 acres of land in the 5th Ward. Since the Alderwoman, April Ford-Griffin, does not seem interested, I can only guess she knows exactly what is going on.

Blairmont is represented by Harvey Noble at Eagle Realty. His number is 314-241-1111. Say hi to Erica the receptionist for me.

Lyra O'Donnabhair said...

*stands up and cheers*

I'm Lyra - the one who posted that Craigslist post... and I actually just stumbled across this. You people have made my day - no, my year!

The best that I'd been able to do was contact CT Corporation System in Clayton, and was told that Blairmont could only be reached by sending a letter to them via CT Corporation ("We'll forward it") - as one can guess, I still haven't heard anything back. Thier receptionist wouldn't give me the name of Blairmont's lawyer, whom they apparently are working through, either.... And so, with a bit of grumbling, I was prepared to just bombard them with letters starting this week.

Now, thankfully, I might not have to! I will contact Harvey Noble Tuesday, as I'm not working that day, and we will see where this goes...

To all of you - don't worry. I'm not going to turn the Clemens House into something godawful. In fact, with the house's and it's spirits' blessings, I plan to restore it to it's former, and rightful glory.

I'll keep everyone updated, if y'all are interested....

Thank you all again for this info!

mery said...

Just a final note regarding the Blairmont/City suit. On the 10th of February, Judge Lisa van Amburg approved the Stipulation for Dismissal of Cause without prejudice. Case closed. I know nothing more at this point, but will try and find out more about what happened.