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Sunday, September 11, 2005


An impressive new magazine has hit the streets of Chicago. Edited by Daniel Tucker, whose writings on the sociopolitical condition of contemporary Chicago are always interesting, AREA promises to be very good. Not sure if you're interested? The entire text of the first issue is available online and ready to read. Not every Chicago left-leaning magazine has their stuff together like AREA does.


John said...

Picked that up at a restaurant on Friday nite, not realizing it was a new rag. Have yet to read it, but it looks very well done.

John said...

Oh, and I notice you have a "Word verification" thingie for posting comments. Assuming that's to deter spam, how'd you set that up?

Michael Allen said...


Glad that you found it & great to hear from you. The word verification thing became necessary in recent weeks as the amount of spam ballooned, much of it taking the "I like your site visit my cat furniture site" style.

Here's how to set it up in Blogger:

1. Log in.
2. Click on the "Change Settings" wheel.
3. In the new menu, click on the "Comments" tab.
4. Scroll down to the line asking "Show word verification for comments?"
5. Click "Yes."

The end. No more spam until the spambots learn how to read.

John said...

Simple enough. Thanks!