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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Wrecking on Eastgate Began Monday

Demolition of the apartment building at 701 Eastgate began on Monday, October 2 -- just a few days after the demolition permit was granted. Spirtas is the wrecking company for the project, which is on a fast schedule and should be complete in a few weeks.

The building was halfway gone on October 3 (Michael R. Allen).

707 Eastgate next door awaits wrecking next week (Michael R. Allen).


Doug Duckworth said...


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how fast something gets done when there's money behind it.

Anonymous said...

Gee it must be nice to be a tax-free institution with a large endowment and have local politicians at your beckon call. Too bad it also overly influenced a MetroLink layout that will be deficient forever due to this influence. Too bad it's a neighbor in three communities...

U-citian said...

Pet peeve, anon2 - it's "beck and call." Though I agree with you.

Surprisingly, almost every U-City council member that ran for election last time had something negative to say about Wash-U, the fact that they are one of the largest landowners in U-City, they don't pay taxes, and their making a not-so-veiled attempt at - as one council member put it - "turning U-City into undergraduate housing." Another U-City politician noted that Wash-U doesn't make PILOT - Payment in Lieu of Taxes - like other large "non-profit" organizations.

So I don't know if it's being at Wash-U's beck and call so much as it is not having any backbone once the chips are truly down. We just let the 600-pound gorilla at Wash-U walk all over us.