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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Congressional Field Hearing Examines North St. Louis

I covered Saturday's congressional field hearing for the St. Louis American.

The story is in today's edition: Congressional hearing spotlights moving from‘Team Four’ to North Side development

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Anonymous said...

Good article. Wonder what Waters is thinking when she says St. Louis has "low development costs"? That statement is patently incorrect.

St. Louis is an old industrial city. Abandoned properties carry high costs for redevelopment. LRA lots typically come with a legacy of hidden underground costs.

Couple the high cost of development with low market values, and development challenges are more than perception. They are very real.

The other ongoing myth is that North City is being shortchanged in terms of federal spending. Want to see big investments of federal funds in St. Louis?

Check out Homer G. Phillips, new construction in the Mark Twain and Walnut Park neighborhoods, the West End area of the 26th ward and many others.

Our city's North Side is seeing tremendous growth. A tour of progress on the north side is as possible as one of decay.

A great example of federal funding in North City is the HOPE VI work of McCormack Baron Salazar happening north of Powell Hall at the old Blumeyer site. The project is a classic public/private partnership.

It has received $40,000,000 in federal funds and is a national success story about revitalizing an obsolete high rise public housing complex into a mixed income, urban neighborhood.