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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meeting on McKee, North Side Development Tomorrow Night

Someone left this announcement in the comments section:

neigborhood meeting
Sts Teresa & Bridget Church
3636 N Grand
March 12 2008
Discuss what is happening on the northside and what you/we/I can do about it. This is a call out to all near north side residents. Let your voice be heard. The future is now. All are welcome. See you there. Topics include but are not limited to

Paul McKee
Team Four
Future Development of the North Side

Alderwoman April Ford-Griffin will be in attendance with information of future devlopment.


Doug Duckworth said...

Of all the times. I am working tomorrow night and can't get off because I've already requested for next week. Well if anything develops please post it here. Is April Ford conducting the meeting? People should ask if her inaction has anything to do with her campaign contributions from McKee, dating back since 2003.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't say she's conducting the meeting; it doesn't say who is. It's at a church, so it sounds like the church is the sponsor. Or maybe they're just providing the space? It is a question. Who's in charge here? If no one takes charge, then it ought to be an interesting meeting.

Thenewguy said...

So is it an actual organized neighborhood meeting or will it just turn into a Paul McKee -? I am interested in moving to the area, but am not interested in attending if the meeting will be discussing issues that cannot be solved like McKee.

Anonymous said...

The meeting is sponsored by the Sts Teresa and Bridget Social Justice commitee. It is not a Mckee bashing meeting. It a meeting to call to residents to act and voice their concerns where Paul Mckee is concerned. But also the lack of cooperation that we are getting from LRA to maintain its properties. Also the Team Four plan will be discussed. Those of you that live in the 5th and 19th wards know that Mckee is one of our many concerns. Certainly not the least of our worries but he is in the list. We would like our neighbors/neighborhoods to join together to educate ourselves and if your readers have anything to put forth that can help us please come.

Sheila Rendon
Sts Teresa & Bridget Social Justice Comm

Anonymous said...

I think that such a meeting is a good idea for residents to talk about the issues that unite them. I agree that McKee is just one of the concerns; in fact, the issues of how residents impact longer term development issues and shorter term issues dealing with nuisances and abandoned properties is one that is beyond McKee. It is about residents attempting to define a vision, principles and set of strategies by which we can hold our honorable elected officials and honorable city officials and workers accountable.

Thanks to St. Bridget and Theresa for taking the step to hold this meeting.

Will Winter

john w. said...

I'm very disappointed to miss this meeting, but the address shown in the post is incorrect. There is no such 3636 N. Grand.

Anonymous said...

Got tied up... please report.

Hot Lasagna said...

what is team four?

john w. said...

There's a pretty good synopsis on the Pub Def blog posted within the last week.

Anonymous said...

Pub Def summarizes the Team Four plan (old news). What happened at last night's church meeting? Where are things headed now?

Chris said...

Team Four was a group of legislators who declared North St. Louis hopeless and actively worked to "pull the plug" on the entire northern half of the city in favor of funneling money to South St. Louis.