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Sunday, January 10, 2010

East St. Louis Videos on New Geography

Last month, New Geography uploaded the third of a three-part video series on East St. Louis. Alex Lotz created the videos, which started with a whirlwind tour that I gave him and St. Louis University history professor Flannery Burke on New Year's Day last year. Alex shot footage on that day of the various places we saw, including downtown, Alta Sita and the stockyards district. Then he interviewed me and located archival footage to develop the videos.

Watch the videos:

Part I

Part II

Part III


Daron said...

so was that scripted?

What's in the Majestic Theater now? Is it occupied?

Budski Photography said...

one thing that attracted me and keeps me in St Louis is all this great history this city and East St Louis has. I just hope is preserved and restored properly

Michael R. Allen said...

Daron: Not scripted. The Majestic building is completely vacant save one storefront.

Maude said...

Excellent background on East St. Louis. I, like many St. Louisans, had little idea about the history of E St. Louis. the major barrier still is the need coordination between the two state governments. I wonder if there are other lessns we could learn from... Cincinnati perhaps since it's on the HO/KY border?