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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Harter's Hobby House Sign Removed

For decades, Harter's Hobby House at 1001 West Main in Belleville beckoned hobbyists with its colorful sign, which resembled a blue pin-striped stick of dynamite with a starlight mint-like pinwheel fuse. The sign is no more, having been replaced recently with a simple new sign.

The old sign was a complex metal sign with three plastic back-lit name boards, an enameled body and neon tubing on the pinwheel. The letters in the possessive "Harter's" were proper cursive fit for business, while the words "Hobby House" had a carefree lettering somewhere between kindergarten script and a typesetter's mistake.

Where did the sign go? Anyone with information is welcome to post in the comments section or email the editor, who missed the changeover.


Anonymous said...

From your pictures, it looks like it's in pretty sad shape. Hopefully it's just been taken down for restoration, and the new sign is just temporary.

Laura said...

Cool sign! my last name is Harter :)

sadly I know nothing about this store, sign, etc. I do know the first time I saw the store in Sept 2008 they had the new one. So, I would assume that it is not a temporary solution if its been well over a year...