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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fireman's Training Tower

This fireman's training tower at the northeast corner of 18th and Broadway in East St. Louis once stood next to a station house. According to neighbors, the city government demolished the station in the 1990s but left the tower to stand. It's a quirky vestige of the once-proud firefighting days of East St. Louis. The sturdy concrete body and relative youth -- it dates to the 1950s -- ensure that it won't fall down anytime soon.


Peter said...

Landscape looks rural

Lenin3 said...


Although I doubt this is the case, but might you just be the first stop for brick-rustlers looking for new targets?


john w. said...

A fine home for for a pioneer.

Mark Groth said...

Isn't there one of these training towers in N. STL between the Ville and ONSL?

Daron said...

man, when I was a kid, finding a good 'hideout' was a high priority. This is a better find than any tree house. Assuming I could lock up the base, I'd be unassailable. I'd throw my snowballs and water balloons, and my sister would be unable to do anything!

Somebody should make this into a playground.