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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Brick Thieves and Brick Dealers

After this week's spate of fires in JeffVanderLou, Alderman Sam Moore (D-4th) proposes changing city ordinances to force brick thieves to pay back the amount of damage that they cause, instead of the current maximum of $500. Moore's proposal makes sense.

The commercial building at 2538 St. Louis Avenue in St. Louis Place, destroyed by brick thieves in August 2007.

Yet a new ordinance should go further. The thieves are only the first -- and least compensated -- beneficiaries of the money generated by the stolen brick. Penalties for dealers who buy stolen brick are the same as for the thieves. Those should be increased too.

The commercial building at 2538 St. Louis Avenue in St. Louis Place, destroyed by brick thieves in August 2007.

What if dealers caught buying stolen brick permanently lost their business licenses?


Chris said...

That would be awesome.

samizdat said...

Hmm, according to the current City charter, wouldn't the charter language need to be changed in order for this increased fine to be implemented? I remember that in the last couple of years that a group of alderman tried to raise the fine from 500USD as a max. to a larger number, which escapes me. Great idea, I'm simply curious about the legality.

barbara_on_19th said...

I'd like to see the cops pull over any flatbed truck leaving north city stacked with bricks and ask for a bill of sale. I've been on N 20th on my way to work, behind a flatbed heading to Hwy 40 and been able to identify which recently stolen neighborhood building was on the truck by the color of the paint on the brick. They aren't smuggling nanotechnology out of a lab, they are hauling *an uncovered flatbed truck of bricks*

ike said...

The main funnel for the bricks is located within the McKee area. Jefferson and University. Has it been shut down. No. Most of the brick cleaners are Heroin or crack addicts.

Anonymous said...

The center of the brick activity is a yard in the vicinity of Jefferson and St. Louis Ave. How can the drug activity alone not cause suspicion. The man says to hit this house and that one. Its all planned.

nick said...

why are there different laws for stealing an ipod or a car then there are for stealing a building?

Doug Duckworth said...

Along with fines can't we tax these businessess? Or issue brick dealer permits which are extremely expensive?