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Friday, March 5, 2010

RFT Looks at Bloggers; Happy Hour Today

The Riverfront Times was gracious to include me in this week's feature article "Blogger's Baker's Dozen: a sampler of St. Louis' must-read contributors to the blogosphere". This is not a predictable list, either -- there were bloggers included whose work I had never read.

As part of the feature, the RFT asked me to select my three favorite posts. Selecting three -- a more padded number like five would have worked -- was a difficult task. What do you think about my selections? I tried to choose something poetic, something short and something deeply critical.

The other fun part of the feature gets underway in a few hours -- a happy hour at Blueberry Hill starting at 5:00 p.m. I will be there, and hope to meet a few readers there.


Courtney Chesley said...

I will see you tonight @ the happy hour event. Congrats!

Matt M. said...

Congrats on the recognition! You do great work!

Chris said...

Maybe the post that exposed McKee?

Michael R. Allen said...

Courtney, I will look forward to meeting you!

Matt, thanks!

Chris, the problem with that post is that it's not spectacular. I was just reporting a fact.

Matt M. said...

The Doctors' Building post was an excellent call. I remember hearing of that demolition and thinking, "Well, the new development will be more 'urban', so it's okay." Then I read that post and felt like I lost a friend. It's one of my favorites.