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Friday, March 31, 2006

NYT Article on St. Louis Mostly Positive

A New York Times reporter spent 36 hours in St. Louis and wrote up his findings in the grey lady. The tone is admiring, although I take exception to his characterization of Old North St. Louis as "dilapidated." Still, I'm glad he writes that the local taboo of going north of Delmar is totally unwarranted. If only locals would agree.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, Michael, the reporter didn't go to North Market Street or to the mostly rehabbed streets of Sullivan and Hebert Street. Or to the parts west of N Florissant where there is a lot of new construction going on. N 14th Street--both north and south of St. Louis Ave--looks abandoned and looks more so each here. By my counting, there has been only one reoccupation of a building on either St. Louis Ave or N 14th Street in the last five years; on the other hand; on the other hand, at least five buildings as I count them were occupied as little as three years ago.

Hopefully some recent turnover in property will spark some reworking in this area.

Will Winter

Michael R. Allen said...

Paul, you are right. I'm really glad to see this article in the NYT!