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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Flop House

Kudos to Kira and Gordon McKinney, who earlier this month hosted the grand opening at what is probably the first art gallery in Old North St. Louis in this century, if not ever. The Flop House at 13th and Hebert opened on December 8 to a ragtag assembly of young people, many of whom had not ever visited the neighborhood before. On display at the opening -- again, an Old North milestone -- were charcoal-on-paper works, accompanied by the requisite snacks and Stag beer. (Incidentally, Stag Beer was brewed for awhile in the 1950s by the Griesidieck family at the nearby Hyde Park Brewery at Florissant and Salisbury avenues.)

Needless to say, rehab at the Flop House is not yet complete, and it did not have heat for the chilly opening night. Not that such limitations matter to Kira and Gordon or the attendees. In true neighborhood fashion, someone had an idea and didn't let trivialities stand in the way of making it happen. This spirit has helped Old North's older generations overcome great troubles, and in newer residents it's helping generate a vibrant cultural energy that's infectious.

Keep watch for great things at the Flop House in the new year.


Anonymous said...

amazing, i look forward to checking out the flop house. is there a website? im hesitant to enter "flop house" in my browser at work...

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Old North St Louis; I, too, want to add my kudos to Gordon & Kira for their recent opening of The Flop House. To add to the information available on the art scene in our neighborhood; a group of artists have met monthly for years at the home of John & Kathleen Wyllie on Hebert St. These artists meet to look and hear about one another's work and to encourage one another in the pursuit of images that reflect real reality.

Anonymous said...

The current website for "the flop house" is: http://heberthouse.blogspot.com

We're posting updates/info on the project as it is rehabbed. As things finish up, we'll get an official website going.