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Friday, July 6, 2007

Governor Blunt Vetoes HB 327, Distressed Areas Land Assemblage Tax Credits

Pub Def has the good news: McKee Tax Credit Vetoed


Anonymous said...

Look for Blunt to call the legislature back in session to rework the McKee piece of the bill.

The challenge for the activist community is to influence policy to result in an urban-friendly bill.

Is there room to please both McKee and northside urbanists?

Such and outcome would require real innovation.

[McKee to himself: "What the hell do these people want???]

Anonymous said...

Just saw your post veto video over on PubDef. We all know you got the ball rolling on this, or at least beat your drum everyday. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the good news too.

Anonymous said...

[McKee to himself: "What the hell do these people want???]

This person wants McKee to either show a development plan with comitment to start work in 18 months or else to immediately offer for sale any building he owns in Old North & St Louis Place. His buildings in Old North are very saleable right now, even at the inflated prices he bought them at over the last several years. The market is hot -- he should get out of the way if he does not want to participate. We've got people combing Old North looking for a 3-story brick home for under 100K. Those days are nearly gone, with all the fixer-uppers snapped up. All that is left vacant at this point is the hardcore "replace entire back wall" jobs, and those are selling surprisingly quickly too. McKee owns several gentle fixer-uppers that we could get families into by the end of the summer if he would just put signs in the windows with a working phone number to a person who can take a check.