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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Plaza Rendering Available 33 Years Ago

This rendering shows an envisioned "civic plaza" on the 800 block of Locust. The plan calls for passive space with views of the north elevation of the Old Post Office and a tall, modern high-rise built between the plaza and the Mayfair Hotel.

The date? This plan appeared in the 1974 Downtown Plan, prepared by Downtown St. Louis, Inc.


Matt Fernandez said...

And we complain about projects taking a long time these days.

But seriously, some things are just better off left dead. As far as plazas go I think this one will turn out nice. However, it certainly carries a lot of baggage and the land could have been much better used as say, a parking garage that was so necessary.

Anonymous said...

Michael, this is a new day in St Louis, why do you always have to dwell in the past?

Anonymous said...

It's our "planners" and "leaders" stuck in the past. Apparently, we haven't seen any new plans or leadership for over 30 years, if not longer.

Anonymous said...

this is going to sound way out of place, but kind of like the plan here. i know it's won't work, but the artwork looks nice :P

nice find my friend, nice find