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Monday, August 20, 2007

Construction Starts on 14th Street Mall Project

This morning on my way to work I saw a beautiful sight: the start of construction work on the 14th Street Mall project in Old North St. Louis! Dumpsters were being placed and gut demolition work was underway on one of the buildings in the project. The next 18 months will be great days for Old North as we watch the implementation of the solution to our biggest development problem.

More here: 14th Street Mall Redevelopment is REAL!


1307 St. Louis Avenue said...

Michael Allen, You should be rewarded for all the work you have done to inform the public on what is going on in North St. Louis involving Mr. Paul Mckee. I am proud to call you my neighbor! Myself and many others say THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you and everyone else for their contributions to the north side. Its exciting to see what a difference a community can make through strong will.