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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Landmarks Association of St. Louis Has a New Website

I was on vacation this week, and am catching up. Meantime, I direct your attention to the new website of my employer, Landmarks Association of St. Louis. Designed by Paradowski Creative and updated by the staff, the website should be a great resource for historic preservation in the future. Current content includes the organization's recent Most Endangered and Most Enhanced Sites lists, articles on topics from Lambert Airport to Bohemian Hill and the return of the biographies of St. Louis architects written by Carolyn Hewes Toft that have become important references. Watch the site for future content expansion.

The site is here.


Anonymous said...

One thing that aggravates me after all these years is that Landmarks doesn't have a means of renewing on donating on the website! This is a group always hoping to expand, always hoping to raise money, but Landmarks makes it sooo difficult. In 2007, with PayPal and Online Billpay, the thought of filling out a form, printing it, and mailing it embarasses me. I hope Landmarks will make this much needed change!

Anonymous said...

One thing that aggravates me is that Landmarks is trying to save these old dirty buildings!