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Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Historical Building for Removal"

On CraigsList. The ad shows a photo of a small front-gabled frame building with shed-roofed addition. The location is New Melle, Missouri. The cost seems to be $1: "Good 100 year old lumber including wide plank floors for the cost of removal plus $1."

1 comment:

Doug Duckworth said...

My old town!

I'm pretty sure I know where this be located at.

I do wonder what's replacing it.

Albeit New Melle and the surrounding area are taking, ironically, "exclusionary zoning" attempts to prevent being annexed by Wentzville or O'Fallon. I'm not sure if it was done already, but longtime residents really do not want more tract housing, despise the happiness that Hawk's Ridge gave my parents.