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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Your Building Here?

When the two old stucco-covered buildings at the southwest corner of Washington Avenue and 14th Street fell late last fall, few would have guessed that the site created would be an empty, open pit this summer. The buildings fell for the proposed SkyHouse project (see "SkyHouse Raising Issues," April 29, 2007). That project seemed like a sure thing. Now, the project is dead in the water, and the site is the subject of rumors of foreclosure. We may not see a new proposal for a 22-story building on the site, but hopefully this site doesn't become the Bottle District of Washington Avenue -- just the Ballpark Village.


Travis Reems said...

As I drove past this every day to and from work, I felt great disappointment. This site is across the street from what was once the site of Marty's Shoes, and now houses SPACE for 4 smaller retail shops, only 1 of which is rented, but not even open. I know the hope for this corner must have been to pull the success of Washington Avenue down the street, but maybe a little much, a little too fast. If you build it, they don't always come. And, if you tear it down and leave a pit, they certainly don't come.

Anonymous said...

There's a term for sites such as this, its called "shovel-ready."

Such a waste to lose history for...nothing.