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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Storefront Addition: 3146 Shenandoah

Here is another storefront addition, located at 3146 Shenandoah Avenue in Tower Grove East. The brightly-painted addition features brick pilasters at each side under a simple wooden cornice with decorative caps at each end. The addition is fairly respectful of the house behind it, allowing for a full view of its second and third floors and attractive brick cornice.


Andrew R said...

Do you have a guess as to the age of the addition? What is the general attitude toward "inappropriate" additions constructed in the past (turning a historic home into a business as has been done here)? When does it make sense to remove inappropriate additions?

Michael R. Allen said...

That addition is probably pre-1920. Personally, I am oddly attracted to the storefront additions, especially those at odds with their parent buildings.

In many cases, buildings with additions are listed as contributing to National Register historic districts, meaning that tax credits might not be available if an addition was removed.

Other times, the addition may hide a really great building, be in poor condition, or truly be ugly (there are some stinkers out there).

I think my answer is that removal is arbitrary -- I think many of the buildings are cool both ways.

Unknown said...

I am looking for this type of tiny storefront in this type of neighborhood. My wife and I almost bought the house across the street from this very property, and we ended up 4 blocks away in Tower Grove East. Do you either have contact info for this property or recommend a similar space? - Brian Kalar, Kalar Educational (LSAT & GMAT prep, kalareducational@yahoo.con)