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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Storefront Addition to Flounder House

Just west of the Pruitt-Igoe Nature Reserve at 2719 James Cool Papa Bell Avenue in JeffVanderLou is this fine storefront addition dating to 1912. Now used as a residence, the structure is attached to a two-story flounder house! No attempt to match that house's dentillated cornice was made by the builders of the addition.

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john w. said...

These often nasty looking little additions provide ample evidence of commerce taking place at neighborhood scale, and the term 'retail' could also apply to transactions at the walk-up scale. Small braziers and penny candy stores could easily be resurrected in such tumorous growths on older hosts, and despite their often deleterious esthetic effect on the host structure, these tumors prove that neighborhood-scale walk-up commerce was viable enough to allow these tumors to grow and remain attached.