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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lost: Claes and Lehnbeuter Mfg. Co. Building

Photograph by Cindi Longwisch for Landmarks Association of St. Louis.

The Claes and Lehnbeuter Manufacturing Company Building stood at 2128-30 Washington Avenue from construction in 1891 through demolition in March 1997 (just a month after the Miss Hullings Building). Claes and Lehnbeuter manufactured store, office, bank and saloon fixtures. According to E.D. Kargau's Mercantile, Industrial and Professional St. Louis (1894), the company was founded by Caspar Claes and Joseoph Lehnbeuter in 1861 and the company's first home was on the south side of Market Street between Second and Third (inside of the present boundaries of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial). After moving to a large home on Seventh Street between Walnut and Clark, the firm built its own "massive building" where over 300 workers were employed.

The site is now a vacant lot.


andy said...

most depressing blog ever, great job!


Herbie Markwort said...

The site is now a vacant low. By this I assume you mean the site is now apart of the JNEM?

GMichaud said...

These types of buildings are beautiful and taken for granted, even among many design professionals.
I agree with you, they will be deeply missed in the future as they are now by some.
The real crime to this day is that many of the buildings which are demolished are reusable.