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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Benton Park Building With Storefront Addition Wins Award

When Landmarks Association of St. Louis awarded its annual Most Enhanced Sites awards on may 15, it included the building at 1814 Sidney Street in Benton Park. Besides receiving a major overhaul and sensitive rehabilitation, the building sports a storefront addition! The house dates to 1884, with the addition built in 1912.

David Rothschild, Vice President of Rothschild Development, purchased the building in 2006 and embarked upon rehabilitation in 2007. With masonry and mansard roof restoration as well as storefront reconstruction, the building looks much better now. Perhaps other buidlings with storefront additions will follow.

Read more about the Most Enhanced Sites here.


Brian said...

Absolutely beautiful! It's unfortunate that the storefront isn't being used for retail tenants, but it's great to see this building renovated nonetheless.

kristan said...

As a neighbor, have been quite impressed with this rehab. I strongly feel Sidney Street is about to be our next CWE McPherson, LSq. Park Ave, etc. I think the Benton Park side holds more promise than the Soulard side. 1209, 1211 and 1213 Sidney bring Soulard Sidney down. Take a look sometime.

Abbey said...

The space was renovated by Urban Improvement Conglomerate.

samizdat said...

Yikes, the old color on the pre-rehab building! Not a big fan of Prussian blue and it's variants. Luckily for Mr. Rothschild the previous owners through the years took care to occasionally paint the galvanised steel cornice work. I wonder if the 1884 portion incorporates both wood and steel in the cornice. Wood cornice w/copper lining, perhaps? With the caps on the ends in galv-steel? Anywho, the repairs to steel can be expensive and require highly skilled and competent craftsmen to refabricate the original profiles. I'm glad I found a good co. to do my cornice.

Mark Groth said...

Great before and after shots.

john w. said...

Would Paul McKee ever do this?