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Monday, May 4, 2009

Second Night of Chautauqua Art Lab

Tonight is the second night of the Chautauqua Art Lab, of which I am proud to be a part. Check out the details:


Map the multi-verse with controversial artists/speakers, pots and pans music makers, and film bricoleurs constellating for the temporary art and technology project co-organized by Eric Repice, Sarah Paulsen, and Emily Hemeyer. The series of nightly collaborative educational gatherings is inspired by the historical Chautauqua adult education movement in the US and features participatory panels, music soundscapes, and video screenings .

When: May 3-7th each night, 6:30 PM -10:00 PM

Where: Fort Gondo, 3151 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO, USA

Why: Learn, Include, Collaborate, Constellate (L.I.C.C.). “Chautauqua is the most American thing about America”-- Theodore Roosevelt

Monday, May 4: “Local Go-getters and How I Started My Space.” Public Forum Q & A with Matt Strauss (White Flag), BJ Vogt (MAPS), Juan William Chavez (Boots Contemporary), Nita Turnage and Hap Phillips (Artica), David Wolk (Cranky Yellow& Crammed Organisms), Stephen Brien (All Along Press), Firecracker Press, Open Lot, Luminary Center, and APOP.

Tuesday, May 5: “Personal and Collective Practices that Investigate Notions of Space, History, and Public Goods.” Demonstrations and discussion highlighting mapping, tagging, blogging, virtual studios, and YouTube as art spaces. Featuring Eric and Michelle DeLair Repice (Wash U), Michael Allen (Ecology of Absence), Ben West (WASABINET), Jordan Hicks (Open Lot), live animation by Sarah Paulsen and music by Macro Meltdown

Wednesday, May 6 : “Artist Viewpoints: Innovations and Boundaries in Community Art Practice.” Works and commentary by Cindy Tower, Lyndsey Scott, Keith Bucholdz, Peat Wollager, and Maya Escobar.

Thursday, May 7:“Exploratory Film Night:Time based art/video shorts exploring the use of found/appropriated images, collage and archives.” Including films by Jodie Mack (Chicago) Yard Work is Hard Work, Ken Brown and Tom Bussmann (Germany and Stl) Beyond the Crisis in Art, Emily Foster (San Francisco) Snowfakes, Mike Pagano (Stl), Jeremy Kannappell (Stl), Emily Hemeyer and more. Music by Kevin Butterfield. Opening Music, Flowers. All donated proceeds benefit CAMP (Community Arts and Media Project).

Contact : Press- Emily Hemeyer ghostsihavebeen@gmail.com

Sarah Paulsen pintorasp@hotmail.com

Eric Repice erepice@gmail.com

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