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Monday, June 29, 2009

McEagle Releases First Video on "NorthSide"

The McEagle NorthSide vide channel can be found here.


GMichaud said...

It is good Paul McKee is speaking. He has a lot of healing to do. Hopefully he will continue to do so.

While it is not his job to design the city, perhaps he will prove to be a better leader than city politicians.

One thing, the idea of job centers is a bad start. It is suburban, he should be planning for streets, connections with transit, density and walk ability to really capture the essence of an urban environment. Then he would take over leadership of the project.

Thanks for the in depth info Michael, (this and the post above). It is good the city is stepping up to the plate--sort of.

A truly revolutionary plan by McKee could win the day.

Michael R. Allen said...

Thanks, GMichaud. I hope good things will come out of this process!