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Thursday, August 13, 2009

St. Louis American Editorializes on North Side Preservation

Today's edition of the St. Louis American carried the smart editorial "Urban Preservation and Politics." That the city's African-American newspaper sees fit to editorialize about historic preservation in north St. Louis shows that we re amid a paradigm shift, at least insofar as elected officials across north city are concerned. By placing his ward into the city's preservation review program, Alderman Antonio French (D-21st) may have started an economic and housing development revolution.


JohnnyC said...

Nice work!

Leanne Ellis said...

Hi Michael! Just stumbled across your blog as I was doing an image search for old houses as reference for some artwork! I think it's appaling how many beautiful pieces of history get destroyed... I'm fascinated to know, did the lovely house on Penrose Avenue survive (http://www.eco-absence.org/stl/penrose4961/) or did they get their way in the end? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it was saved!!