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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wreck Out!

This Thursday, Off Broadway hosts the Anti-Wrecking Ball, a joyous evening of entertainment for a worthy cause. Great bands and burlesque performers have contributed their talents to help raise money for legal fees needed for the Friends of the San Luis to appeal a circuit court judge's ruling that citizens have no standing to appeal the actions of the St. Louis Preservation Board.

We seek to overturn that ruling for future benefit. While the San Luis Apartments is lost, there will be future battles and citizens deserve full rights in each one of them. Join us Thursday to have great fun while building necessary financial resources.


Unknown said...

Is it me or is it taking a surprising amount of effort and time to wreck the San Luis? Hmmmm...maybe it was a little sturdier than they had let on?

K. said...

is the san luis seem to have aspestos?