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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Historic Stahl Stables in Soulard For Sale

Now there is a rare opportunity: the chance to purchase the historic Stahl stables at 2414-16 Menard Street in Soulard and an adjacent house at 2412 Menard Street. Rehabilitated in the 1970s to house the St. Louis Architectural Art Company, the spacious stables consist of a rear building dating to 1866 and the front section, which dates to 1891. There are few comparable buildings in Soulard. The sale will benefit the current owner of the property, the non-profit St. Louis Building Arts Foundation. Read more about the buildings in the sale brochure.


Daron said...

very interesting.

Shannon said...

What a classic! How lovely. I'm sure someone will pick that up very soon.

samizdat said...

Oh, how I wish. The alley-side structure is another large building in it's own right, with the hayloft(?) door still extant. Would make a good activities room/garage for a small townhome/condo development.