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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Video Tour of the James Clemens, Jr. House

In September, as part of a tour of St. Louis Place and Old North, I guided the Rehabbers Club around the grounds of the James Clemens, Jr. House. Jeff Seelig captured the end of the tour on video. Better days could be ahead.


Jeff Seelig said...

It was a great addition to the walking tour, Michael. Thanks again.

Apologies that the bulk of the real presentation was lost. Technology got the best of me!

Daron said...

The Beacon says 49 one-bedroom apartments would be on the property. Is it really that big? Are they adding additions?

Doug Duckworth said...

1 of 60.

Michael R. Allen said...


There is a substantial dormitory addition connected to the house that will contain most of the 49 units, from what I know. No additions planned.

Anonymous said...

Is the dormitory addition eligible for historic tax credits? It's going to take a long time for McNorthside to be redeveloped one property at a time.