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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Who allowed the establishment known as Al Hrabosky's Ballpark Saloon to build its, uh, temporary-appearing buildings in the railyards south of Busch Stadium in downtown St. Louis?


Joe said...

Well, that property, which I believe used to be the Laidlaw Transit Cerre Street school bus garage/yard, is zoned "K - Unrestricted". So, that means pretty much anything goes as far as design is concerned. They do appear to have gotten all the proper and necessary permits. The property address is 714 Cerre.

Anonymous said...

Gerald and Sarah Mudd of Ladue own that property under "709 Corporation." I suspect that Great Rivers Greenway will buy it, yet allow the use to continue, just as they have done with the school bus lot to the north. Of course, GRG is assembling parcels for a future Chouteau Lake and greenway.

Anonymous said...

GRG and McCormack Baron were not happy that this parcel was sold.

There is some concern that this will become a problem in assembling land for the Chouteau Lake project.