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Friday, August 19, 2005

Work Resumes on Shoppe/Garage Structure

Work resumed at the Century Building Memorial Parking Garage on Wednesday, when I took this photograph. When I was there, the workers were drilling and also working on the elevator shaft structure rising on the southeast corner of the site.

Is it just my fuzzy vision, or does that corner sit several feet closer to Olive Street than the Century Building did?

And, does anyone know if the Old Post Office has any tenants other that the phony library branch, the Court of Appeals, Webster University and the Pasta House Company? Since the renovation is nearing completion, I expect a triumphant tenant roster of entities other than those owing or offering favors.


Rick Bonasch said...

Wasn't the Century building situated right up to the sidewalk on Olive? I'm remembering the plywood covered walkway to the old Walgreens.

Are you thinking they've narrowed the street or the sidewalk to move the new building further south?


Matt Fernandez said...

It does look like they are narrowing the streets. They have moved and rebuilt the curbing around the OPO, so maybe the garage-mahal will be closer.

Michael Allen said...


I concur with Matt: I think that the garage wall sits slightly further south than the Century's wall did.