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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sonic Atrophy: 2001-2005

Readers may recall Sonic Atrophy, the website with haunting photographs of abandoned places in and around St. Louis. Sonic Atrophy existed from 2001 until yesterday and was probably the only site of its kind in St. Louis until I started Ecology of Absence in 2003. It was still the only site of its kind because Ecology of Absence took off in a different direction. Repeated viewings of Sonic Atrophy re-kindled my awe for documenting urban decay, and led me to begin again my work photographing changes in St. Louis.

That site's creator, Tripfate, informed us last night that the site was going to become defunct; s/he no longer has the spare time to maintain the site. As of yesterday, the site was still available online. Now, it is gone.

I miss it.