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Monday, October 17, 2005

The View from the Roof

Our new house was built in two phases, with the original part being three stories and the addition being two stories. There's another two-story bathroom addition, built much like an elevator shaft on the side of the two-story addition, but its roof is joined seamlessly into the two story roof.

From the second story roof, I can see the lovely Old North St. Louis neighborhood with more arched limestone lintels than I can count on two hands. At night, I can see the lights of the skyline through trees. The Gateway Arch comes into view when I walk to the eastern edge of the roof.

The third story roof provides and even more awesome view: a full 24-hour view of the downtown skyline that is becoming fuller as trees start to drop their leaves; a northern view that includes all three trusses of the McKinley Bridge; more of Old North St. Louis.

As a rooftop view fanatic, this house is nearly perfect for me.


Brick City said...

Those views sound amazing

Anonymous said...

pictures please!! =)