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Friday, October 14, 2005

Adams Grove

A message from Kim Jayne, president of the Forest Park Southeast Community Council (the neighborhood group in FPSE):

"It is very clear what is going on in Adams Grove. If you have not been over here lately, please drive through (don't walk) especially the 44xx and 43xx blocks of Vista, Norfolk and Swan. You will see the lack of City services, the land banking/hoarding, the fear and the desperation of the people who live here.

"Many people attended the last security meeting. We turned in addresses where derelict, probably stolen, cars remain after numerous calls to the police department were made. One remains in the alley behind my house - there have been at least 4 calls and the address was given to the security meeting. Do we have to find a child in the trunk before someone will take the cars out? They are being stripped a little more each day. [Ed.: The car Kim mentions is located at 4467 Norfolk and was the subject of my post from September 16, "Everyone loves a sporty red car, right?".]

"Men regularly carry out central air conditioning units, hot water heaters, gutters, and yes, I have seen kitchen sinks, go down the street on shopping carts. I don't know if these are "gang bangers" but I know this is the kind of crime that would be addressed if our Alderman or doctors from Wash U lived here.

This is deliberate underdevelopment."


Anonymous said...

Before expedited gentrification, evidently you employ degenerative speculation. Who needs eminent domain, when you can just suspend City services?

Michael Allen said...