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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chippewa and Kingshighway Getting Slammed

The intersection of Chippewa and Kingshighway -- recently the subject of a streetscape program -- received some coverage from the blogs last week:

Not Pretty (Brick City, June 6)

When I Awakened, I was Mistaken... (A Six Pack of Zima and a Van, June 6)


Doug Duckworth said...

I suppose the Check N' Go is still doing well.

Buck said...

That area is disgusting. Really! I wish I could close my eyes when I drive through there. Strip mall that contains a pet smart, office depot, Quizno's and some new tanning salon has to be one of the worst commercial development in the St. Louis area. What a complete joke.

skewgee said...

i'll let my previous comments stand. just glad to know i wasn't the only person who read both of those posts

Joe said...

I like the OfficeMax and PetsMart, frequently visit both. The Quizno's is decent.

But they are NOT anchor stores!

If there was a grocery store, department store, something else actually anchoring this center, it might work better. But as it is, I cannot imagine the other storefronts will ever fill up!

Fashion Guys (not exactly a top-line retailer anyway) already moved out!

Anonymous said...

..as far as commercial developement goes.. it's "more of the same".. I do use the remodeled SNS quite a bit, but tend to hit indepently owned shops/open markets when possible. I DESPISE the evil check cash-loan places on the west side of Kingshighway!! I live here so I try to clean up, and support my imediate neighborhood and business..

Anonymous said...

I wish an all female gym would fill one of the empty stores. There are none to speak of anymore, at least not around here. We desperately need one.

Judith said...

I have my car serviced at Ackerman Toyota on South Kingshighway, and often shop at the stores in the much-maligned strip-mall. Some of the small empty stores could be combined into a Michael's, a dry-goods store, a steak house, etc. And maybe the many auto-dealers nearby could be persuaded to give discount coupons for the stores. I do think Starbuck's,Walgreens, Pet Smart and Office Depot bring in business, but the empty stores are depressing.