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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Missing Media

The Potato has not published anything since January 24. What a shame that is -- this city needs a good dose of satire as cutting as the writer of that blog could be.

Also, I haven't seen a print issue of the Arch City Chronicle in at least a month.

UPDATE: According to a story this morning on KWMU radio, Arch City Chronicle Publisher Dave Drebes says that there will not be any more print issues after this month. ACC cut and pasted the KWMU story for its own announcement of its print demise, but for some reason is hiding comments left in response to the post.


Anonymous said...

Dave Drebes told KWMU that the ACC will publish one last issue later this month. The website will continue, though perhaps in a different format. Dave spoke on KDHX on Monday evening about the reasons for ceasing publication. Its sad to see the end of the print edition. I hope Dave and his crew can keep the website going, and that his proposed new venture focusing on state issues gets off to a good start.

MattHurst said...

i'm glad to see i'm not the only blog in town who cares about this news. i'm not sure if you already found it, but i wrote a post about this on tuesday.
looks like i'd already know that if i listened to kdhx every waking moment...